About Me:

Talented and energetic bilingual marketing professional with a keen ability to develop, coordinate, and analyze global marketing campaigns and international market-development initiatives. Experienced in creating, implementing, and managing direct marketing programs such as social media campaigns and e-mail blasts. Skilled in campaign creation, distributor relationship management, customer training programs, and project management.

A Brief Autobiography:

My story begins in Pendleton, Oregon; a small town filled with farmers and ranchers in Eastern Oregon. My parents were neither of these occupations, rather a police officer and physical therapist, yet they were both well known in the community and motivated me to become what I am today.

As I grew into my teen years I became heavily active with the Boy Scouts of America, eventually earning the prestigious Eagle Scout Award. In addition to the BSA, I played tennis, swam competitively, played violin in the Oregon East Symphony, was involved in my church youth group, and maintained a job; all while attending high school.

After graduating high school with highest honors, I moved to Corvallis, OR to attend Oregon State University where I majored in Business Administration. My specific academic program focused heavily on international business and marketing with a minor in Spanish. On top of all my schoolwork, I was involved in the Delta Chi fraternity (originally a law-based, academic fraternity) and maintained a number of part time jobs throughout my undergraduate experience.

To complete my Spanish minor, I participated in a study-abroad program at the Universidad de Cantabria in Santander, Spain. This was a langauge-intensive program where I lived with a Spanish host family and took classes entirely in Spanish. My classes were language, culture, and art history focused. While on this exchange I had the opportunity to visit Paris, France and travel extensively throughout Spain. My favorite location in Spain was Barcelona because of its unique eclectic mix of cultures from all around the world.

After my study-abroad experience I became even more interested in international affairs and foreign cultures. For this reason, I volunteered with the Oregon State University English Language Institute where I became an English Language Conversant for both Japanese and Saudi Arabian students.

For a number of my summer breaks while in college I both volunteered and worked full-time at Camp Baldwin, a BSA summer camp. I worked at this camp a total of five summers with a number of varying duties; my highest being the Head Commissioner. In this position I was an active liaison between the scouts, adult-leaders, and staff. Moreover, I led a weekly 7.5 mile hike and taught basic scouting skills to those in the lower ranks.

My work experience while in school consisted of a couple food-service jobs including a Lead Student role at an on-campus deli. Here I was able to develop and refine effective management strategies. Upon my return from studying abroad in Spain, I had the opportunity to gain real-world business experience as an intern for Nordstrom Inc. While at Nordstrom I learned effective personal selling and advanced customer service skills. Finally, during the Spring term of my senior year of college, I became an intern at ViewPlus Technologies, an assistive technology company which manufactures products for the blind and visually impaired.

ViewPlus was impressed with my skills and abilities during my internship and hired me on full-time after my graduation from OSU.  ViewPlus provided many opportunities to increase my international marketing knowledge. While with ViewPlus I traveled both domestically and internationally, attending trade-shows and conducting product trainings for both new and potential clients. These duties gave me experience in international and domestic trade-show organization, presentation skills, distributor relationship management, cultural perception, copy-writing, promotional planning, and global marketing campaign management.

After my time at ViewPlus I moved to Portland, OR where I became and Account Coordinator for VTM Group, an association management company.  After 7 months I was promoted to Account Executive and currently provide business strategy consultation and administrative service for a number of high-tech clients.

While I’ve had many experiences thus far in my career, my interests in international affairs, communications, and community service are steadfast. Today I continue to pursue personal empowerment and development in my career and spending my free time playing music, exploring the outdoors, researching global issues, and looking for the next opportunity to serve my community.