This last Memorial Day weekend I was given the opportunity of a lifetime; the ability to take a Navy Tiger Cruise from Everett, WA to San Francisco, CA.  One of my best friends and fraternity brothers who is now a Nuclear Officer on the USS Nimitz (CVN 68) invited his two sisters and myself along on the cruise and was an action packed weekend.

My weekend began by heading up to Seattle on the train, an experience that brought back great memories from my childhood.  The following morning all four of us headed to the ship bright and early.  Upon arrival there was a lot going on; many Tigers finding their bunks and state rooms along with the ships crew preparing to be underway.  Since my friend was an Officer, we all were in state rooms which had much more head-room and bunk space. 

The food on the ship was amazing!  While they informed us that they go above and beyond when they have guests aboard, there was always plenty to eat.  One night we even had steak and lobster!

Th majority of the time spent aboard the ship involved tours of the different areas.  The ship is literally a floating city, with everything from multiple hanger bays, planes, and mess halls, to hospital, dentist, store, and barbershop.  

The highlight of my trip involved the the super-sonic fly-over, the landing/launching of the jets, and when they did target practice on some smoke-floats.  Overall, the trip was truly amazing and provided a great opportunity to see how people coming together can accomplish some amazing things. Take a look at these videos; and yes, we really were THAT close!

The Catch


The Launch